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Charles River Laboratories Launches Endosafe-PTS
 WILMINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 14, 2003--

            Handheld Endotoxin Detection System Gives Fast,
                    Quantitative Results with Ease

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (NYSE: CRL), a leading provider of pre-clinical research products and services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, launched the Endosafe(R)-PTS today.

The PTS is a portable test system based on the Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) assay. The LAL test is used to detect microbial contaminants in injectable drugs and medical devices.

The PTS utilizes disposable cartridges loaded with FDA-licensed LAL reagents with a handheld spectrophotometer. Testing can be performed at the point of sample collection; quantitative LAL results are available in approximately 15 minutes, about 45 minutes less than the time required for the conventional chromogenic LAL test.

The PTS can be used in quality control laboratories and production areas to troubleshoot problematic products and to get an early indication of endotoxin levels. In addition, the PTS can be used in research laboratories for water and sample testing in R&D applications. Early adopters of the PTS system are investigating applications in dialysis clinics, hospital compounding pharmacies, dental offices, and nuclear pharmacies. The licensed applications for in-process and final product release testing for drugs and devices are pending FDA approval.

"We are very pleased to bring this breakthrough technology to the marketplace," said James C. Foster, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Charles River Laboratories. "We believe that the PTS test platform will allow us to expand our endotoxin detection market in the future to include air, water, and surface monitoring in the clinical, environmental, and aerospace arenas."

"The PTS system mirrors the conventional LAL assay in method, sensitivity and software compatibility, but has been adapted for one-button operation and fast results," said Foster T. Jordan, Charles River's Executive Director, In Vitro Detection Systems. "Where turnaround time in internal labs and cost of contract testing are issues, the PTS is the ideal solution."

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Charles River Laboratories, based in Wilmington, Massachusetts, is a leading provider of critical research tools and integrated support services that enable innovative and efficient drug discovery and development. The Company is the global leader in providing the animal research models required in research and development for new drugs, devices and therapies. The Company also offers a broad and growing portfolio of biomedical products and services that enable customers to reduce cost, increase speed, and enhance productivity and effectiveness in drug discovery and development. Charles River's customer base spans over 50 countries, and includes all of the major pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and many leading hospitals and academic institutions. The Company operates 82 facilities in 16 countries worldwide.

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